Sustainable floral design is quite a minefield – I have certainly lost sleep over what’s right, what’s wrong and also whether I am buying from the right sources – so I have given myself some rules.

I will (and do) buy seasonal flowers from the Netherlands to get the choice and the quality I require when the growing season comes to an end in the UK. Although not perfect, I feel that the overall impact is probably not much greater than buying from Cornwall or Scotland. (We’re based in Yorkshire!)
I support local growers and we even grow a small number of flowers ourselves…mainly cottage garden favourites.

I forage from the vast woodland at Broughton, which throws up an abundance of foliage, twigs, sticks, berries, cow parsley, grasses and lots of other seasonal bounty and I also compost any green waste on the Estate.

I have pledged never to use floral foam, Instead, I opt for chicken wire and moss mechanics, with baked bean tins,
fresh soup containers and jam jars placed as a water source.

Our business cards are made from recycled T-shirts from, the paper we use to wrap our flowers is recycled and recyclable and our plant-based tape contains zero plastic.

Even the cleaning products we use in the studio are from suppliers with great sustainable credentials.

Whether you’re a bride to be, planning an event or wanting to learn new skills I will always encourage you to consider seasonality and sustainability first.

A great friend of mine often uses the phrase ‘you can’t eat an elephant’, and I agree. I am moving in the right direction and every little bit helps. I will carry on learning and pushing the boundaries when it comes to how I approach my work; I’m certainly no guru, but I’m doing my best to save our beautiful planet in my own small way.